Five Common Mistakes of Web Design

Do you feel useless to have a website since no one is visiting it? Maybe your website contains these common mistakes that happened in the web design.

Outdated Layout
There is nothing worse than an outdated layout with the huge old images and terrible colour choices. The website design may look good 10 years ago, but the trends are moving in the digital era. If you have the same website from a few years ago, it will be a good choice to redesign your website. You can make some research to compare other websites who offer a similar business that you have, or you could hire a professional web designer which will be hassle-free for you.

Too Busy Layout
Another common mistake in the web design is that too many things that you put in the one page. The too busy layout makes the web design look cluttered. Trends nowadays for web design is clean and simple webpage so the viewers can catch the message directly. Try to prioritize what do you want to put in your homepage, avoid too many small and colourful banners.

Slow Speed Webpage
It is very annoying when you must wait for a webpage to load. You may just hit the back button and forget the website. Sometimes you don’t realize that the big size image that you put could make the webpage loading so slow. Make sure that the web design is fast to load by reducing the size of the images or apply a CMS system.

Less Attention to Analytics
The most important factor of a successful website is how many viewers are visiting the website. Therefore, a good website design needs to be properly set up with a program that could analyse the result of the website. It is important to identify the performance of the webpage, the conversions flow and how effective the design to attract more visitors.

Not a Compatible and Integrated Design
People are using their smartphones more than any other device. Therefore, if your visitors have poor experience in reading your website on the mobile phone, you will need to consider changing the website design. If you are promoting your business on other platforms such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and you don’t link the platforms in your web design, you could lose lots of opportunities here.

So, from the five common mistakes on the website design above, is there anyone or two factors are on your website? If the answer is yes, then you may need to redesign your website that will be helpful for your business growth.